« Do you want to take a look at the desert menu? »
« A fruit salad or a molten chocolate cake? »

Every day we make hundreds of food-related decisions. In our lab, we investigate the psychological and cerebral mechanisms underlying such choices. More specifically, we study food preferences and choices in healthy individuals as well as in

  1. overweight and individuals suffering from obesity (in collaboration with Dr. Zoltan Pataky),
  2. patients with type 1 diabetes (in collaboration with Dr. Giacomo Gastaldi),
  3. individuals suffering from an olfactory and/or a gustatory impairment (in collaboration with Dr. Basile Landis).

We are using psychological methods and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).

Portraitfoto von Prof. Dr. Géraldine Coppin Prof. Dr. Géraldine Coppin Ausserordentliche Professorin
Géraldine Coppin
Portraitfoto von BSc Marion Chatelain BSc Marion Chatelain Hilfsassistentin
MSc Pauline Henckaerts Hilfsassistentin
Dr Kinga Iglói Postdoc
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Portraitfoto von MSc Jeanne Richard MSc Jeanne Richard Lehr- und Forschungsassistentin

Forschungsprojekte der Gruppe

Affective and cognitive functioning in relation to food intake

Fakultät Psychologie

Exploring the link between emotion and eating

Fakultät Psychologie

Reward mechanisms in patients suffering from obesity

Fakultät Psychologie