Is food more rewarding for individuals suffering from obesity than for healthy-weight individuals?

In this 2-year research project, we investigate the psychological and cerebral underpinnings of food reward mechanisms in patients suffering from obesity. More specifically, we investigate 2 sub-components of food reward: i) the pleasure during food consumption (liking) and ii) efforts an individual is willing to invest to be delivered with food (wanting).
We present healthy and participants suffering from obesity with solutions (such as chocolate milkshakes) while their brain activity is recorded.
To do so, we use a gustometer, a device allowing the delivery of liquids in an extremely precise fashion, which is fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging)-compatible.
We hope to better understand how food reward mechanisms differ between healthy and individuals suffering from obesity, but also how they differ between individuals suffering from obesity following weight loss.

Dauer des Projekts

01.10.2018 - 31.12.2021


Zoltan Pataky
Zoltan Pataky PI - MD, Geneva University Hospitals
Prof. Dr. Géraldine Coppin
Prof. Dr. Géraldine Coppin Co-PI - professor in Psychology UniDistance Suisse & University of Geneva
Alain Golay
Alain Golay Co-PI - Professor & MD, Geneva University Hospitals
Prof. Dr. David Sander
Prof. Dr. David Sander Co-PI - professor, University of Geneva
David Muñoz Tord
David Muñoz Tord PhD student - UniDistance Suisse & University of Geneva