The objective of this project is to gain a better understanding of how different phenomena of social and emotional life are structured in individuals with a developmental disorder, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Williams syndrome, Down’s syndrome and non-specific intellectual disabilities. The project involves distributing a large number of online questionnaires to a wide sample of parents with children with various developmental disorders. Through our collaboration with Professor Jo Van Herwegen (Institute of Education, UCL, London), we hope to have approximately 300 respondents. The questionnaires completed by the parents relate, in particular, to the emotions, the regulation of emotions, anxiety, humor, character traits, as well as the relationship with peers and bullying. We have each questionnaire in French, German and English to enable them to be distributed as widely as possible. In the long term, this research can contribute to increasing our knowledge on the socio-emotional life of people with a developmental disorder. The aim is to help improve the implementation of targeted interventions to support their social and emotional life.

Dauer des Projekts

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2022


Prof. Dr. Andrea Samson
Prof. Dr. Andrea Samson Associate Professor, UniDistance Suisse, Switzerland & SNSF Professorship at the Institute of Special Education at the University of Fribourg and director of the Swiss Emotion Experience, Regulation and Support Lab (chEERS Lab
Noémie Treichel
Noémie Treichel SNSF-funded doctoral student in Special Education at the University of Fribourg and member of the chEERS Lab
Dr Jo van Herwegen
Dr Jo van Herwegen Institute of Education, UCL, London