Mittwoch, 27. September 2023
09:00 - 12:20
Brig and online

Digital Skills Thematic study days

We strongly recommend participation in the following thematic days organised within the Swissuniversities project “Future university”, in collaboration with UniL. They will take place in Brig and Lausanne. They will feature guest speakers, teachers’ testimonies and workshops to explore each theme in-depth. Lectures and testimonies are offered in bimodal mode (physical presence or distance), and the workshops will take place in physical presence.

When: Wednesday, Septembre 27th, 2023

Where: Brig and online


  • 9:00 : Welcome and coffee (Brig)
  • 9:30-10:30: Conference (Brig - Aula, ground floor - and online)
  • 10:30-10:50: Break
  • 10:50-12:20: Worshop (Brig - Aula, ground floor - and online)
  • 12:20 : Lunch (Brig)

You are welcome to participate in both parts of the thematic day, or just in part of the event (conference or workshop).


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Hybrid Teaching and Learning in Theory and Practice

This presentation addresses the notion of hybrid teaching and learning in theory and practice, focusing on how understanding and working with notions of hybridity might help us reimagine teaching and learning in a post-pandemic post-digital world. How can we understand the concept of hybridity building in theory, and what may it look like in practice? What pedagogical principles underlie these practices and what concrete pedagogical patterns can we put into action to hybridize our teaching and learning practices? And how might we design for future education in ways that center on pedagogical values and visions, opening up education and learning in, with and for the world in new ways?

This presentation focuses on :

  • Knowledge about and insights into the concept of hybrid teaching and learning
  • Insights into concrete pedagogical principles underlying hybrid teaching and learning
  • Specific pedagogical patterns for how to engage with and integrate hybrid teaching and learning in ways that open up education and invite students to learn in, with and for the world.



Applying Hybridity Principles & Patterns : Ideating Hybridity in Teaching and Learning Practices

Working together in online/onsite teams this workshop invites participants to engage with the core values, principles and patterns for hybrid teaching and learning developed in the EduPLoP16 Workshop, STAK Project and NorDiP Symposium. The aim for participants is to works with dimensions of hybridity to ideate ways to hybridize teaching and learning.

To achieve this, the workshop will use Padlet along with digital value cards, hybridity principles and pedagogical patterns to allow participants to collaborate on a concrete initiative for hybridizing teaching and learning across onsite/online spaces.

Our speaker

Rikke Toft Nørgård

Rikke is Associate Professor in Educational Design & Technology at The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, where she is also in member of the Steering group for the Centre for Higher Education Futures (CHEF). She is elected board member of the international Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Society (PaTHES) and elected board member of the national Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education (DUN) where she is also founder and co-leader of the national DUN-SIG on Digital Pedagogy & Learning in Higher Education. Dr. Nørgård’s research and projects focus on the complexities, challenges and potentials of education, design, technology and philosophy in relation to the future of online, digital and hybrid higher education institutions and practices.

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The P8 projet - Future University

The project Futur University: Developing the digital skills of teachers and students conducted by the University of Lausanne and UniDistance Suisse is part of the 2021-2024 programme P-8 Strengthening digital skills in education funded by swissuniversities.
Until 2024, several training programmes for the acquisition of digital skills for teaching and learning in higher education will be created, run and shared with Swiss universities and high schools.


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