Donnerstag, 07. März 2024
11:00 - 12:00
B18.005 (Brig Campus)
and online

In the last century we have experienced an increase in life expectancy of about 30 years. This phenomenon has been termed the Longevity Revolution. Unfortunately these increases in lifespan have not been matched with similar increases in healthspan - the amount of years lived in good health. Brain disorders are the most prevalent causes of disability in people older than 65 years. Therefore, a better understanding of the mechanisms that promote brain maintenance and protection is crucial to inform clinical preventive approaches. In this presentation, I will outline a theoretical model aimed at protecting brain integrity and function across adulthood. Additionally, I will focus on abdominal obesity, a well-established risk factor for brain health, and discuss its associations with different characteristics of brain senescence. As we delve deeper into understanding the complexities of brain aging, future discussions will explore strategies to add years to our lives, and enhance the quality of those years.

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Isabel Garcia Garcia's research revolves around aging, obesity, addictive behaviors and neuroimaging.

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