Dienstag, 02. Mai 2023
11:00 - 12:00
B18.005, Brig Campus

This talk is part of the series Invited Speakers - Faculty of Psychology. It will take place in Brig, on the groundfloor of UniDistance Suisse's headquarters. You may also join online. The link for participation in the event is the following: http://bit.ly/unidistance.

Incivility at work

We all have been there: A coworker makes an inappropriate comment during a coffee break, a colleague interrupts a presentation, a supervisor reads emails during a meeting instead of listening attentively. Such incivilities are a part of everyday life for many workers. Although these events are often considered minor and harmless, research shows that they may have detrimental consequences. In my presentation, I will elaborate on the definition and measurement of workplace incivility and its impact on employees' well-being and behavior, both at work and at home. By presenting a set of ambulatory, longitudinal, and multisource studies, I will discuss the role of situational and individual characteristics as antecedents of instigated incivility, how these factors affect employees' reaction to their experience of incivility, and the interplay between incivility and workers' impaired well-being.


Find out more about Prof. Dr. Laurenz Meier on his personal website.

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