« Lecture recordings: why, when, how »

by Dr Emily Nordmann, University of Glasgow

Thursday, June 9th, 2022


In this session I will discuss the evolution of research on lecture recordings, from focusing on the links between recording live lectures and attendance, to integrating the use of recordings as a generic study skill, to the impact of providing recordings on widening participation and inclusivity. I will argue that the experience of the pivot to online due to covid has shown that lectures still have a place in the new normal and that the argument that lectures are not an effective way to learn only stands if the sole reason for lectures is to learn what the lecturer is teaching.

I will also review what makes a recording effective – what should you record? Should you show your face? How long should your videos be?


The workshop will be run in two one-hour sessions with a 30-minute break between sessions. The workshop will focus on best practice for online learning and educational videos. Participants will be asked to review examples of online courses and materials and will also be encouraged to bring examples of their own work for review and discussion. Participants will also be given the opportunity nearer the time to request areas of focus for the workshop, if there are particular issues that you would like to work on.

Dr Emily Nordmann is a teaching-focused Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Glasgow. She teaches research methods, individual differences and #rstats. Her research predominantly focuses on the relationship between technology and learning, in particular, lecture capture and how it can be used as an effective study tool and the impact on students from widening participation backgrounds. Since the disruption of COVID-19, her work has pivoted (pun intended) to supporting staff and students with a transition to online learning.


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